This 50 hour Yin Teacher Training is inspired by the style and teachings of Bernie Clark, Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley. The training includes 15 contact hours with lead trainer Amanda Kelly and 30 non-contact hours of recorded content.


This training is more than just about teaching- it is about diving into the work and understanding yourself better so that you can use your story and your experience to heal, inspire and guide others. 

This course will be a deep dive into both Yin and RestorativeStudents will leave confident in their ability to lead an entire class, as we value the importance of putting into practice the things that we learn and will therefor spend time practice teaching.


INVESTMENT: $487+tax


This training will include: 

  • Philosophy and practices of Yin Yoga

  • Physical, Energetic and Mental benefits of Yin Yoga

  • Physiology & Anatomy

  • Understanding the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Theory and application of the relaxation response

  • Neurological, psychological, physical, energetic effects of restorative yoga

  • Ranges of motion and skeletal variations

  • Tension VS Compression

  • Energy Body: Prana, Chi and the meridian theory

  • How to develop a consistent and supportive home practice? 

  • Meditation

  • Practicum

  • Safe sequencing

  • Themes and Anatomical focuses

  • Skillful use of props

  • Massage and Adjustment

  • Safe, effective uses of Essential Oil

  • The art of therapeutic touch

  • Visualization

  • How to support special conditions and injuries

  • Understanding misalignments and learning to detect discomfort

  • Use of language and the art of silence

  • Trauma informed Teaching

  • How to infuse unique elements into your classes  

  • Self-Study