Outbound Yoga was founded in 2016 by Amanda Kelly, and has since trained over 300 students in the styles of flow, yin, restorative and children's yoga.


Our Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance Certified and is designed to help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga, find your true voice- and follow your passion. If you have the urge to elevate and inspire others, then this is the program for you! Everything we teach is rooted in creativity, authenticity and self-love.


We believe that the best teachers are the ones who leverage their uniqueness, who show up ready to be seen, and who share who they are and where they've been.


Our dynamic program delivers strong foundations and techniques that will support you in teaching safe, creative and unique classes. We encourage our students to bring their own style to their teaching, and we are here to help you discover your edge, and everything your heart and soul have to offer this world! 


We have teamed up with some of the most real and raw humans we could find in order to bring you a training that was unlike any other. We all have a gift to share and something to teach, which is why we have brought together an amazing group of teachers and leaders to facilitate this program with us. 


Ready to dive in? This. Is. It. 



I came upon yoga by total accident. I was first introduced to the practice in a first year University movement class, for an acting program I was in. I failed the class because the teachers said I was “disconnected from my body” and would therefore be a terrible actor I guess! I decided to switch majors. 


Fast forward a year or so, and my aunt convinced me to attend a class with her at a local studio. I won’t lie- I hated it, but I kept going. Finally I found my way to a class with a teacher who just seemed to say the right things. She talked about how we needed to listen to our bodies, even if it meant laying down for the entire class- so for the first time in 18 years, I laid there and listened to my body.


That was just the beginning. I went on to work in a yoga studio cleaning floors and doing laundry for minimum wage, I was hungry to be in the “yoga atmosphere” and eventually I decided to take my first yoga teacher training. I barely had ANY experience, but in a way, that made my training better. I was there with an open mind, and heart. 


I left that Yoga Teacher Training a different person. I took my certificate and the $200 I had left in my bank account and I flew one way to Costa Rica. I left my job, dropped out of University, ended a long term toxic relationship and moved out of my apartment. I never looked back. 


I took the leap- and it has been worth every doubt, late night, hard conversation and difficult decision. After assisting other training programs in Costa Rica and teaching full time, I went on to create Outbound Yoga.


I wanted to support others in living the life of their dreams- I wanted them to experience what I did. I had no idea that the impact the training would have on so many people around the world. I have witnessed  some of the bravest, boldest humans alive- and I am proud to say that  this program creates not only amazing teachers, but exceptional humans. 



Yoga was love at first sight for me. Long before I was comfortable with my body or movement I did it on my parents wii fit and at Spa Lady. Fast forward ten years, through a life-shifting breast reduction and to a perfectly timed quarter life crisis. I found the Brene Brown book ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ on the ground outside my building and started obsessively researching YTT.


Finally I signed up for Amanda’s very first Outbound training, meditation teacher training, and a silent retreat at the same time. Nothing has been the same since. I knew it was the right choice to leap the moment I got the Welcome Package and saw a Brene Brown quote. In the beginning I was so terrified I had no intention of teaching, and literally found reasons to leave the room to avoid practicing. I felt embarrassed and out of place modifying every pose because of severe chronic pain. 


By the middle of the training I was ALL IN. It was the safe container I needed to start to look at myself and explore beyond the limits of my past experience. The next Outbound training was a mountain top intensive and Amanda hired me to assist. It was those two weeks in the mountains that solidified my purpose in this world in my heart.


All I want to do for the rest of my life is sit in circles, talk yoga philosophy and shift minds. I probably would have dropped out of almost any other training and added it to the list of things that I never finished. As the former queen of darkness, I’m passionate about meeting people where they are at and building a community around them to lift them up!

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