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"Outbound Yoga is an extension of all the best parts of me"

I came upon yoga by total accident. I was first introduced to the practice in a first year University movement class, for an acting program I was in. I failed the class because the teachers said I was “disconnected from my body” and would therefore be a terrible actor I guess! I decided to switch majors. 


Fast forward a year or so, and my aunt convinced me to attend a class with her at a local studio. I won’t lie- I hated it, but I kept going. Finally I found my way to a class with a teacher who just seemed to say the right things. She talked about how we needed to listen to our bodies, even if it meant laying down for the entire class- so for the first time in 18 years, I laid there and listened to my body.


That was just the beginning. I went on to work in a yoga studio cleaning floors and doing laundry for minimum wage, I was hungry to be in the “yoga atmosphere” and eventually I decided to take my first yoga teacher training. I barely had ANY experience, but in a way, that made my training better. I was there with an open mind, and heart. 


I left that Yoga Teacher Training a different person. I took my certificate and the $200 I had left in my bank account and I flew one way to Costa Rica. I left my job, dropped out of University, ended a long term toxic relationship and moved out of my apartment. I never looked back. 


I took the leap- and it has been worth every doubt, late night, hard conversation and difficult decision. After assisting other training programs in Costa Rica and teaching full time, I went on to create Outbound Yoga.


I wanted to support others in living the life of their dreams- I wanted them to experience what I did. I had no idea that the impact the training would have on so many people around the world. I have witnessed  some of the bravest, boldest humans alive- and I am proud to say that  this program creates not only amazing teachers, but exceptional humans.

- Amanda K.

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Yoga was love at first sight for me. Long before I was comfortable with my body or movement I did it on my parents wii fit and at Spa Lady. Fast forward ten years, through a life-shifting breast reduction and to a perfectly timed quarter life crisis. I found the Brene Brown book ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ on the ground outside my building and started obsessively researching YTT.


Finally I signed up for Amanda’s very first Outbound training, meditation teacher training, and a silent retreat at the same time. Nothing has been the same since. I knew it was the right choice to leap the moment I got the Welcome Package and saw a Brene Brown quote. In the beginning I was so terrified I had no intention of teaching, and literally found reasons to leave the room to avoid practicing. I felt embarrassed and out of place modifying every pose because of severe chronic pain. 


By the middle of the training I was ALL IN. It was the safe container I needed to start to look at myself and explore beyond the limits of my past experience. The next Outbound training was a mountain top intensive and Amanda hired me to assist. It was those two weeks in the mountains that solidified my purpose in this world in my heart.


All I want to do for the rest of my life is sit in circles, talk yoga philosophy and shift minds. I probably would have dropped out of almost any other training and added it to the list of things that I never finished. As the former queen of darkness, I’m passionate about meeting people where they are at and building a community around them to lift them up!

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I am tea drinking, flip flop wearing yoga mom. 


My first yoga class was when I was 7, and my grandma took me to get seniors yoga in a church basement. I took my practice a little more seriously about 15 years ago, when I became hooked on fast, sweaty, power flow classes. 


I took my 200 hour training and everything changed. I went in to the training knowing I wanted to teach, but had no idea how much the training would change me. I HATED anything to do with a journal and feelings. I literally doodled in my book everytime we were asked to journal. Since then training I journal almost everyday, and all I want to do is talk and connect with like minded people. 


Yoga created a judgment free space for me to connect with my body and my worth in such a meaningful way. I ended up quitting my corporate job, and now coach people in how to grow their mindset around food, movement, and their bodies with an anti-diet self love approach. 



I teach a variety of yoga, but my favorite is yin and  kids yoga. (Quite a change from the power flow!) I love to create a safe place for kids to explore and be silly while learning how to move their bodies and learn about themselves. I am a girl guide leader, and enjoy combining my passion of yoga and girl guides together to work with all ages to look inward and go outbound.